We thought they couldn’t get any thinner…

Gadget Nibble

Huawei has now unveiled the worlds slimmest smartphone and comes jam packed with features and content that may put some iPhone users to shame. Huawei unveiled the phone to take on all ‘slim’ smartphones and has now knocked the iPhone 5 sharply off its podium.


Huawei announced their new phone at a launch event on Tuesday and following mass speculation reeled off their feature list which, itself, could have been a jab at Apple. Huawei have been a quiet and minor player in the smartphone race till this point. Established in 1987 in  Shenzhen,  the company began life as a sales agent for a Hong Kong producing PBX switches. After accumulating experience in the  industry the company made its first breakthrough and launched its future in wireless telecommunications with the C&C08 switch. Following a run of success the company expanded, broaden their horizons and began work on CDMA technology whilst launching…

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