UK security committee ‘shocked’ over Huawei contract with BT

Gregory D. Evans | Super Security Mogul


A parliamentary committee has attacked the British government’s failure to investigate the use of equipment from China’s Huawei in the UK national telecommunications network, saying security issues “risked being overlooked”.

In a report that raises new questions about Huawei’s links to the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army, parliament’s intelligence and security committee said it was “shocked” that Whitehall officials failed to inform ministers about BT’s use of Huawei equipment in a £10bn upgrade of the telecommunications network eight years ago.

 The report provides no evidence that Huawei, the world’s second-biggest supplier of telecoms equipment, is being used in the UK as a vehicle for cyber espionage or that it has given unauthorised access to any third party.

However, the committee, which comprises leading politicians and civil servants, said there would always be risks involved in any telecoms system sourced from abroad – and the UK authorities were…

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