Speaking of Profit Via Espionage


The Register – Former NSA/CIA chief Michael Hayden accuses telecom Huawei of spying for China

There was a time I suppose one might consider that simply capitalism in action. You know, Wrigley competitor “Bubbleyum puts spider eggs in their gum” (they don’t and it might have been Trident or Bazooka for all I know started that old rumor). Might at one time have been considered pro-US, providing jobs, etc. Dirty pool, but for a “good” cause.

But once you get to know these sonsabitches you realize that, no, it’s just about them.

Remember when Thomas Drake said NSA officers created the “boogeyman” in order to go private and win contracts to deal with the illusory threats that they created? Became millionaires as a result? Same principle.

Hayden is a walking national security threat himself. He is constantly pushing for more spending for various things like his infamous “digital Blackwater”…

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