News – Huawei says Ascend P6 is worlds slimmest smartphone

Sharda Chaya

Yes It’s a Chinese company, it seems like a company china is developing a new line of Smartphones they are aiming at slimmer and lighter versions. This company is called Huawei they have claimed the title of the slimmest smart phone developer by launching the new phone which is called P6. This phone is Huawei has unveiled what it says is the world’s thinnest Smartphone. This phone is 0.24 in thicker which is 0.13 in thinner than iPhone and 0.46 slimmer than S4. Although this phone has a long way to go as it’s got only 4 mega pixel camera. The company has adopted the right strategy to make it limited edition as people who want thinner and lighter phones would buy this phone.

This phone has got 4.7in screen and weighs 120g , along with these Huawei is providing a unique auto-facial enhancement tool. This will improve the pictures taken with the phone camera.

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