Mobile Phone Locked?

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Huawei Phone LockedAre you having issue with memory?

That could not be memory gap, your too young to start forgetting things.

But any way what I am trying to say is for an instance you try unlocking the phone roll out sleeves trying to remember the password. What if, you’re using phone locked pattern?

Sometimes just to make things easier and hassle free from being forgetfulness resetting the settings of the mobile locking system which is the pattern, what exactly you did is turn off the mobile phone locked visibility and that was it! But suddenly the phone screen sleep, in a few minute message pop up; you’re trying to open it up but… locked you out. You then wonder why, since you already turn off the visibility locked pattern of the phone (Huawei Ascend did this to me). Well, you got the password any way.Huawei Ascend

1. You did enter the pattern…

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