IT Security – the latest challenge


IT Security – the Latest Challenge

IT security|Computer Security|Hacking|White Hat|Black Hat

IT security always remained an issue of strategic importance for any country or an organization, or at least since the computers are storing, connecting and sharing data across the continents through networks. Despite risks of phishing, malware, hacking, thefts of on-line identity and money, world nations have always overlooked IT security as an issue of national concern as trusted organizations dealt with it. But recent revelation of USA found snooping on to the other countries’ data and Uncle Sam pointing towards Huawei that the enterprise is spying on other countries the issue has regained the tag of hot topic of debate all over the world.

Hacking and the IT security

The term hacking represents the means of getting access to the data by overcoming the network security through weak points. Hacking can happen anywhere where the wireless or wired…

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