Huawei: The Sleeping Dragon of the Mobile Market

AM:PM Wire techonology imagesYou can’t pick up a newspaper or read an online technology blog without hearing about the global warfare being waged between the mobile giants Apple and Samsung. From patents to technological advancements, both companies have been at each other’s throats to dominate the mobile market. However, possibly the most interesting of battles is happening further down afield, and one intriguing company is leading the pack.

In Q4 of last year Huawei surprised the mobile community by taking the hot seat of third place (with a minority global market stake of 4.9%, compared to Samsung’s 29% and Apple’s 21.8%), ousting rivals Sony, Blackberry and ZTE.  The question is whether this the start of a shift in market power or just another Android blip on the mobile scene?

Huawei is a networking and telecommunications conglomerate based in Shenzhen, China. Its core strength has long been its heavy investment in R&D – in…

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