Huawei starts working on 5G networks


India is still to roll out 4G networks properly and the players across the globe have already started working on the fifth generation networks.According to areportbyTOI, Huawei believes that the 5G network standards will be out by 2015 and the tech will be set by 2020. It will basically be developed to increase the efficiency while reducing the energy required for the purpose. Huawei in fact had started their groundwork on 5G in 2009 and has also hired a team of 200 engineers on the R&D work for the network.The report has quoted Wen Tong, head of the 5G mission at Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telco, commenting that, “The industry will be 5G ready by 2020. The idea is to increase the thru-put by 1,000 times with 1,000 times more spectrum and 1,000 times reduced energy.”It is not only Huawei, as othertelecom firms like Ericsson and Samsung have also started…

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