Easy DIY to Improve Your Broadband Modem Signal [Globe]

Maribeth Brown-Oliver's Blog

Tired of the fluctuating, unstable broadband Internet signal? My kids and I moved back into my hometown and will stay here for the rest of the year. Since my livelihood showcase includes Internet, I decided to bring my post paid Globe 1Mbps Huawei MB622i modem along with me. I am still under lock-in with the postpaid plan, so I decided to use this instead of getting a new one. The signal for the first week was ugh! downright ugly that I get disconnected every 3-5 minutes. After a few Google-ing, I found this tutorial http://www.jcmiras.net/surge/p239.htm and decided to follow it.



First is to face the rear-end of the broadband modem towards the nearest Globe tower. It may be better if you are placing it near a window with less line-of sight view. But actually it works even if there is a wall where the modem is.

Next is to find…

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