Cloud Strategies Seminar by MovingMinds in Islamabad

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DSCN0975MovingMinds conducted a one day seminar on Cloud Strategies at Islamabad Serena Hotel in collaboration with ICT R&D Fund, Techaccess and Huawei. Even though cloud computing is gaining momentum in both public and private sectors of Pakistan but there is still a huge gap in the understanding of the technology and the perceptions about it. To address this gap, MovingMinds planned a series of seminars to be conducted in major cities of Pakistan focusing on the understanding of cloud computing and discussing the benefits and advantages of the technology. MovingMinds took the idea to ICT R&D Fund and its other partners. The idea was highly appreciated by ICT R&D Fund and agreed to sponsor the events. MovingMinds also discussed the idea with other partners and requested for association. Techaccess and Huawei, both having a strong footprint in IT sector of Pakistan, both have ensured their full support…

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